Things to do

2020 Sunflower Season

We will be opening our fields of gold to the public for 2-3 weeks in August, 2020. We look forward to having you visit and experience our 60 acre farm and sunflower fields. Due to COVID-19 we have specific guidelines in place this year in order to keep your safety and health our number one priority.


Campbell's Cross Farm

3634 King Street

Caledon, Ontario

L7C 0R5

**Just west of Herb Campbell Public School on the North Side of King Street**

Farm-To-Table Dinners & Wellness Events

Details to come regarding upcoming farm-to-table dinners and wellness events at Campbell's Cross Farm this summer!

Our Farm Rules

  1. Please respect the boundaries as this is our family home.
  2. No touching or breaking the sunflowers.
  3. Stay on the designated sunflower paths
  4. Follow the directional signs
  5. No smoking or vaping anywhere on the property
  6. Don't be a litterbug!
  7. No drones.
  8. Have fun and be mindful of the beauty in nature.

The Watermelon Sandwich Hut

Don’t forget to stop by The Watermelon Sandwich after your walk through the sunflowers!


  • Signature Watermelon Sandwich
  • Watermelon Kid Bowl
  • Ice Cream:
    • Corn Ice Cream with Popcorn Brittle
    • Watermelon Ice Cream
    • Locally Made Sorbets
  • Farm Fresh Baked Goods
  • Limited Time Sunflower Cookies
  • Signature Watermelon Lemonade
  • Water

** Available while quantities last **

The story of the Watermelon Sandwich

At home, despite having 5 daughters at home, Nonna Pina loved her garden and used her green thumb to grow many fruits and vegetables for her large family. Her recipes were not out of a book, but from taste and experience. She never wasted any ingredients and always put her own twists on a meal. If you ask any of Nonna Pina’s immediate family an iconic ‘dish’ that is not only memorable, but takes you back to summer days at her house, it would be the Watermelon Sandwich. Fresh Watermelon cut thick on a crusty Italian bread was a refreshing treat that once you have tried it you can’t help but love it!

The Gallo's wanted to bring this beautiful story and allow the famous dish of Nonna Pina be a star at Campbell’s Cross farm. We hope to have people from near and far come to our farm and taste a little bit of Nonna Pina’s Kitchen!

Sometimes it’s the odd combination of foods that wakes your tastes buds up and reminds you to keep things simple and flavorful!