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meet our family 

meet Michael & Josie Gallo, the owners of Campbell's Cross Farm in inglewood, Ontario. Campbell's Cross Farm is a sunflower farm located on 60 acres of rolling hills right off King Street in the heart of Caledon. Campbell's Cross farm was established in 2019 &  is one of the largest sunflower farms in Ontario growing over 700,000 sunflowers each year for the public to view and experience.

As a young family The gallo's felt it was important to raise their family in the country and on a farm just as Josie had experienced being born and raised on a farm in caledon. In a world where technology can take us all away from the little things in life, this farm has allowed them & thousands of guests to grow closer to nature and each other. 


campbell's cross Farm grows 30 + acres of sunflowers each year in August.  Food and family are what they live for and they hope you can enjoy a small part of their unique farm during their seasonal events.

meet the rest of the farm family 


Be sure to visit 'The Little Coop' and say hello to our free ranging hens, Frank the rooster & Pablo our peacock! You may get lucky enough to see Pablo do a spectacular dance and show with his feathers during your visit.  

Visit our Bees & take home some Raw Sunflower Honey 

Image by Boba Jaglicic

We have 26 bee hives nestled in a cove attached to our mature maple tree forest. The hives face east allowing for early morning sun which gets the bees up & working early in the morning. The afternoon shade helps the bees to not overheat and stay cool after a long day of work. We specifically chose this location with our hobbyist beekeeper Peter Best as the perfect location as it was previously a bee area on the farm. The bees are very happy in August when our sunflowers are in full bloom & working hard to make pure unpasteurized sunflower honey. You will notice the difference in the taste of our sunflower honey compared to other types of honey. If walking around the farm and noticing the bee apiary always remember to let them bee as they are very bee-zy working! 


-We have approximately 50,000 bees in each of our 4 strong hives and approximately 30,000-50,000 bees in each of the additional 24 hives located on the farm.  That's a total of approximately 1,160, 000 bees! 

-Each hive has 1 queen who lays between 1500-2000 eggs each day

-Bees in the summer live for 6 weeks and winter bees live for 6 months

-Bees in the winter survive as a colony, they are a very social insect that clusters to stay fully alive and operating in the colder months 

-Bees make honey for their winter food, as long as there is nectar in their environment they don't touch their honey in the summer months

-All the bees that collect nectar and pollen are female & called worker bees 

-Males bees are called drones and their sole purpose is to mate with queens in the neighborhood from other hives

-In a single hive with 50,000 bees there may be approximately 2000 male drones and 48,000 female worker bees

what we value 

We have designed our farm on 3 basic words

that we live by every single day. 


“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”

Robert Brault



 "There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved."

 George Sand 


 The Japanese secret to a long and happy life. A reason for being. The thing that gets you up in the morning. 

Check out this video below for an explanation for Ikigai.

want to learn more about 'How to Ikigai', click on the video below.

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