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 professional photography Permits available:

           looking for the most perfect country setting for your your photography needs? visit our Private 60 acre family farm located in the beautiful Caledon hills throughout the year. there are a plethora of farm photo settings & natural backdrops including 700,000 blooming sunflowers, maple forest trails, life size rustic 'LOVE' sign, corn fields, white & red barn backdrops, natural landscapes, mini Christmas tree field and more. experience 700, 000 sunflowers in bloom for all your PROFESSIONAL photography needs. All photographers must purchase a photography permit to shoot at our farm during our sunflower festival, fall fest & winter fest.

included with your photography permit:

each permit allows for 1 single photo session: Ex. 1 client; 1 family mini session, or 1 nature photographer. Your permit is valid anytime during our REGULAR business hours. Once your permit is booked you can select any day/time that is convenient for you and your clients within our opening hours. Please check our website to confirm hours of operation.


If you have large props required for your shoot please indicate it in the notes when booking your permit to ensure that we can accommodate you. 


pre-booked professional photography sessions include:  family portraits, baby shoot, maternity shoots, & influencers. Permit fees depend on the type of shoot. For commercial, fashion, film, Please e-mail us directly. 

For permits outside of our sunflower festival or regular business hours (ex. sunrise or late evening shoots) please e-mail us at


*Please note that during your shoot we will be open to the public, however with 60 acres of beautiful spaces there is plenty of room for everyone. If interested in a private farm space for film/photography please send us an e-mail.

Basic Photography Permit fee (includes: family shoot, baby shoot, maternity shoot, nature shoot):
$50 Permit Fee per shoot 
*Plus Admission Fee for your clients
engagement or wedding Photography Permit fee 
$100 Permit Fee per shoot 
*Plus Admission Fee for your clients
commercial professional Photography Permit fee (includes: influencers, fashion, film or video, music videos, etc.):
*Please contact us directly at 416-294-7642 or by e-mail:

Sunflower Photography Permit
Sunflower Photography Permit
Aug 1-Aug 20th 10am-8pm

content day for photographers 

Are you a photographer just getting started or looking for an opportunity to build your portfolio. Campbell's Cross Farm & Ocean Blast Photography are bringing you the very first content day. There will be various stations throughout the farm with models. We will have a mom with her daughters, a couple, a female model for portraits & maternity. The farm has props spread out throughout the property such as a vintage truck, a tree swing surrounded by sunflowers, a couch, LOVE sign, red bike & two new surprise props. 


What's included:
-admission to the farm
-a watermelon sandwich & water bottle
-the models & stations to build your photography portfolio!

The best part! It's only $175! 

Date: Wednesday, August 7th, 5pm-8pm
(Rain day August 8th)


Come and network with other photographers & videographers! 
Look forward to seeing you at the farm! 

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