Frequently asked questions


Will we be open in 2020 during COVID-19?

Yes we will be open to our farm visitors for 2-3 weeks Monday to Sunday (9am-5pm) in August once our sunflowers are in full bloom. Check our website beginning of August for exact opening/closing dates. This year we have ensured that our farm meets the health and safety protocols for our visitors and staff.

Does the farm have washroom facilities?

Yes we have limited porta potties with sanitizers. We ask that our guests use washrooms facilities prior to entering our farm if possible.

Is there a general admission fee?

Yes. During our regular business hours Monday -Sunday 9am-5pm Adults 13+ are $15 Children under 12 free

Will there be social distancing protocols?

Yes. Our priority is the safety of all our visitors and staff. There will be directional signs indicating a one-way entrance and pathway through the sunflower fields. We highly encourage all our guests to maintain a 2 meter distance from other guests.

Will we be required to wear a mask?

No. Masks are not required outdoors unless you are unable to maintain 2 meter social distancing.

Can tickets be purchased in advance?

General admission tickets must be purchased on site in the Watermelon Sandwich Hut admission area. The only tickets that can be purchased ahead of time are tickets for limited spaced workshops.


Is there a fee for photography?

There is a fee for professional photography between the hours of 6-8 pm when the farm is closed to the public. Photographers/Clients must book ahead of time. Same day bookings will not be permitted. We will only be allowing a limited number of photographers for photography during our sunset hours. Bookings must be completed through our website. Amature photography with your personal device (phones, hand held cameras) do not require a professional photography fee. No props or additional photography equipment (umbrella's, tripods, drones, etc.) are permitted during our regular business hours. No drones allowed.

Visiting Our Farm

When will the farm be open?

When the sunflowers begin to bloom from beginning to mid August and for 2-3 weeks there after. Stay tuned on our social media and website for exact dates. Regular hours are Monday to Sunday 9am-5pm. Professional photography, farm-to-table dinners will be scheduled in the evening between 6-8pm. Due to Covid-19 we will be restricting the number of visitors that enter. Once we are at capacity guests may need to wait to enter the farm.

Can we pick/touch the sunflowers?

No. Picking flowers is strictly prohibited. We will be selling sunflowers at the Watermelon Sandwich hut for those wishing to purchase them. Touching the sunflowers will interfere with the bees that are working hard to collect nectar and pollen.

When is the best time to visit?

Weekdays and early mornings are best to avoid possible wait times that may occur when we reach capacity. Typically weekends and mid afternoon hours between 11-3pm are peak times.