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The watermelon Sandwich story


At home, despite having 5 daughters, Nonna Pina loved her garden and used her green thumb to grow many fruits and vegetables for her large family. Her recipes were not out of a book, but from taste and experience.


She never wasted any ingredients and always put her own twist on a meal.  If you ask any of Nonna Pina’s immediate family an iconic dish that is not only memorable, but takes you back to summer days at her house, it would be the Watermelon Sandwich. Fresh Watermelon cut thick on crusty Italian bread. we indulged each summer in this simple and refreshing treat!

The Gallo's wanted to bring this beautiful story back to life and allow our guests to experience the watermelon sandwich. We hope to have people from near and far come to our farm and taste a little bit of Nonna Pina’s Kitchen and ultimately to take away the simplicity of food and life!

Sometimes it’s the odd combination of foods that wake UP your tastes buds and remind us to keep things simple! 


article credit Sideroads of Caledon, Dufferin and King ~ summer 2021

The Watermelon Sandwich Inc.


The Watermelon Sandwich Inc. is excited to announce a new podcast, blog and upcoming books to encourage "A simple way" of living. 

Check out the link below for updates on blogs, podcast and upcoming books. 



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