the Wellness Experience

During our sunflower events we host a wide range of health and wellness workshops/classes. We have created great relationships with several people in the wellness and healthy industry that we feel can bring your spirit, soul, physical, emotions and relationship with yourself to another level.  

"The Greatest Wealth is Health"

Yoga Workshops

We have partnered with some of the most inspirational yoga instructors  that will help you connect you to the earth and the glow of our 60 acre farm with ever flowing filed of sunflowers. 

Yoga Classes

Yoga for adults

Mom and Daughter


“We all wish for world peace, but world peace will never be achieved unless we first establish peace within our own minds.” ― Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Sports Equipment
physical Well being

We have created some new classes of physical fitness and partnered with some elite trainers that will hold classes on our property. Our intention is to challenge you to get to your next level. Being outside on the countryside makes things even more magical. 


Outdoor Fitness Classes

Fitness for Adults

Group Sessions

Kids Training Session

“Don’t count the days, make the days count.” —Muhammad Ali

Meditating Hand Gesture

We have partnered with some of the most reputable mediation practitioners around the area. We want you to come and relax to reconnect yourself with your inner soul. Meditation allows you to rediscover the inner self and your true authenticity. 

 Meditation Sessions

Sunrise and sunset classes

Shinrin-Yoku (also known as Forest Bathing or Mindful walks)

Grounding (Walking barefoot in Nature) 

“Meditation means dissolving the invisible walls that unawareness has built" - Sadhguru